81hours is devoted to intense moments. Fabrics perfected down to the last detail, so delicate and fine that they flatter the skin with every movement. Designs that combine the timelessness of high-end basics with a modern twist, so the feeling of luxury lasts across trends and seasons.

Right from the outset, essential sources of inspiration have been found in the international fashion world. The label’s founders, Alona and Emmanuel Cassin, travel to explore major stylistic trends that meet the demand for premium essentials in Germany. The idea of 81hours was born in 1999: inspired by the Los Angeles lifestyle, the young T-shirt label was designed to bring lightness and passion to the German-speaking market.

Over the course of time, the 81hours portfolio has expanded into whole collections that have received great recognition in the media. The label collaborates with a network of artists and celebrities including Jasmin Gerat, Til Schweiger, Andrea Sawatzki, Johanna Klum, Eva Padberg and Rabea Schif. The highlight of 2015: an ambitious relaunch positions 81hours as more conceptual than ever, while still retaining a sense of ease.

When it comes to the look, understatement is balanced with creative details. The wide range of colors always yields a harmonious appearance. Carefully applied design elements such as prints, well-thought-out silhouettes and noticeably fine materials celebrate the spirit of femininity. The small tucks on the edges have by now become a hallmark.

Whether casual or trendy, classic or modern, 81hours imparts the perfect finish to any look.

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