When two become one – the 81hours brand lift

New Collection, Photo Shooting, Press Release, Styles 1. June 2015

81hours announces the official acquisition of Dear Cashmere with effect as of June 2015.

The two labels filter out their most important features and combine them in a multifaceted concept. As a former T-shirt label known for its comfy casualness, 81hours now incorporates the cashmere label’s uncompromising ambition for premium quality.

81hours’ timeless feminine basics with subtle details are merged with the finest hand-knitted luxury materials for which Dear Cashmere is well known. Over the course of the years, 81hours has become more mature and more conceptual. The brand lift is also reflected in the new brand appearance. Whether it’s the new logo, the new Corporate Color, hangers with flock print or new sewn-in labels: everything now stands for high-end quality.

The first joint collection, autumn/winter 2015, brings into play various silhouettes and structures ranging from feather-light to warm and cozy, from ponchos and capes to blouses and skirts.

You can download the press release here

Just have a look and see.

Your 81hours team