Finest Yarns


81hours makes you love cashmere even more

Cashmere, the most valuable yarn in the world – of which many of our fashion dreams are made; It is not surprising that cashmere is produced near the clouds, usually in Mongolia or the Middle-Asian highlands.

Our 100% pure cashmere yarn is produced in manual work by combing it out of the undercoat of the cashmere goat. It is symbolic for luxury in the area of wool.

Our cashmere jumpers convince by their softness and light weight, while keeping the wearer snuggly warm. Thanks to the high-quality long and fine fibres selected by us and with the proper care, your 81hours clothes will stay with you for a long time.

81hours, a piece of quality of life on your skin.



81hours loves superfine merino

The all-round talent in the area of wool is a must-have in every well-kept wardrobe, and a fixed part of the 81hours collections.
You will feel the quality of merino wool when wearing it.

81hours clothes of merino barely need washing. They are very easy-care, which is just one of the many benefits of this yarn.

Merino, a true wonder of nature and a joy to wear.



81hours cares about yarns

Due to their special properties, our high-quality yarns do not need to be washed after every time they are worn. Just air them out a lot and given them a day’s rest. A little lint is typical for cashmere clothing and not a quality defect. Cashmere and merino are easy to wash. Just turn them to the left and wash them in the wool washing cycle (cold). Special wool and cashmere detergent would be perfect. A small piece of inside advice from us: mild shampoo is also good for it. After washing, best let the clothes dry on a towel.

Steaming instead of ironing is recommended for cashmere and merino clothes to maintain the volume.

Caring is loving.